Suggested Supply List for
Online Guided Painting Sessions

Q: What do I need for class?

Suggested painting supply list:

- 1 piece of paper (sketchbook works too)
- something to draw and write with: pencil, pen, crayons, or markers

- 1 warm up painting surface (suggested: *thick Mixed-media paper, cardboard, practice canvas, wood) 

- 1 painting surface (to paint our main painting on) (suggested:*canvas 12" X 12" but any size will do) (other options: primed(pre-painted) wood, thick paper, primed cardboard)

- 3 medium sized brushes (suggested:* Variety of: *round, *flat, *detail) (more brushes are welcome. If you don't get brushes in time, look for other painting tools you might have laying around such as an old toothbrush, sticks, spoons, put gloves on and use your fingers, sponges, get creative ;) )

- 1 old toothbrush (or new one. but a toothbrush :) )

- Acrylic Paint: suggested minimum of 3 colors (white, black, and other color of choice) Additional colors are welcome. (red, yellow, blue, white and black can make many different colors by mixing) 

(Suggested brand: any brand is fine. I use *liquitex basics, *apple barrel, liquitex professional, and golden. The first two brands listed are the lesser expensive paints and are great for this particular painting session. liquitex basics &/or apple barrel)

-Water jar with water (for cleaning brushes between color changes)

-Painting palette ( suggested *palette from store, ceramic plate, plastic plate, plastic egg carton, cardboard, paper plate,)

- Painting cloth (cloth or paper towel that you can wipe paint on and get off excess water from brushes)

-Easel or table or ground (depending on if you want to paint your piece flat on the table or ground, or have it tilted upright on an easel or against a wall or stack of heavy books. )


-Drop cloth (towel, tapestry, rug, plastic, tarp or other material that can get paint on it and protect your floor. there is always painting outside in the grass too :) )


Q: What if I can't get all of these supplies in time?

A:Its okay, please feel totally welcome to join! There are suggested materials, and many alternatives to make it work. 

If you can't find anything but a piece of paper and some crayons, that will do just fine. Join along, and use what you learned in this session to apply to your session with your paint materials that you may be able to get later on!

If you can get the paint, canvas, brushes and all the goods, that's great!