Custom Mural Sized paintings

Custom Mural Sized paintings

Order your custom art today!

Pictured youll see examples of different styles including different subjects, portraits and  landscapes

1.  Pick a size and check out 

2.  Email ideas and pictures to Jahde(me) at :

Please include Any ideas you want incorporated into your painting

as well as Pictures of the room that the painting will be going in (if applicable) 


> Please Allow 1-3 months for completion and delivery of your new painting! If you need your painting finished faster, please email  to check availabilty.


Prices start at listing price. Any additional detail work or subjects added will cost extra and be totaled into a payment due upon completion of your painting. All additional details/payments will be discussed and agreed upon between artist and client prior to adding it to the painting.  Please email to discuss details.


Price list


Stretched Canvas (comes stretched/ store bought canvas)
Size          :   Price.  :   Number of Subjects

30"X40"  :  $790    :  (1-2 subjects/instruments/animals) + background 

36"X48"  :  $1200   :  (1-2 subjects/instruments/animals) + background

36"X60"  :   $1500  :  (1-2 subjects/instruments/animals)+ background

48"X48"  :  $1700   :  (1-2 subjects/instruments/animals)+ background

40"X60"  :  $1900   :   (1-2 subjects/instruments/animals)+ background


*Unstretched canvas* (comes rolled up painted on canvas material)

Size                 Price       :    Subjects
44"X54"   :   $1,500    :   (1-2 Subjects/instruments/animals)+ background

60"X70"   :    $1,900   :    (1-2 Subjects/instruments/animals)+ background

72"X72"    :    $2,200   :   (1-2 Subjects/instruments/animals)+ background


(for any additional subjects= $120 per subject added) (Also- Additional High levels of details in the background will also cost extra : for example a very detailed city scape with windows and bricks, or very detailed forest with many plants) 

Please pick your appropriate size desired and check out. If you would like any additional subjects or details added which will increase the price, this can be totaled into a final payment due upon completion of the painting. 

Please feel free to email me at any time to discuss details in advance of purchasing if needed.  at:  ARTBYJAHDE@GMAIL.COM


*If you need a size canvas that is not listed above, email me for your free quote :)