Custom Kids room paintings

Custom Kids room paintings

How to order your custom Kids Room Painting

1. Pick your size canvas and check out

2. Email Jahde with your ideas, details and pictures to use as reference photos for your custom painting.

3. Any additional details requested (outside of the included background and number of subjects) will be first discussed through email; and then any additional costs/details agreed upon will be totaled into a payment due at the time of your paintings completion.


Size         Price     Includes:

8"X10"      $148   (Background, 1-3 Subjects, and painted frame)

11"X14"     $210   (Background, 1-3 Subjects, and painted frame)

16"X20"    $350  (Background, 1-3 Subjects, and painted frame)

18"X24"    $430  (Background, 1-3 Subjects, and painted frame)

30"X40"    $790  (Background, 1-3 Subjects, and painted frame)

Please see "Mural Sized Custom Paintings for larger Sizes" :)


Details: Examples of things to include

1. Pick a background (space/galaxy, blue sky and grass, forest, jungle, cityscape, rainbow stripes, abstract polkadots, ect..)

2. Pick a painted on frame (red curtains, blue curtains, greenery and flowers, rocks/bricks, keyhole, window, no frame)

3. Pick 1-3 subjects (horse/fairy/sunflowers) (earth, mama and baby elephant) (hummingbird, flowers, ladybug) (Brachiosaurus dinosaur, giant daisy flowers, elf) (farmer,chicken,cow) (alpahabet, baby, flowers) (hot air balloons, flowers, opal stones)(owl,flower,moon)

4. Include any pictures of reference photos or paintings of Jahdes that you would like your custom painting to be of a similar style or color pallette.

5. Sending a picture of the room that this painting will go in can help Jahde to create a color pallette for the painting that will allow for your cutom painting to fit nicely into the color scheme of your kids room.



**To discuss the total cost for any additional subjects/portraits/animals to be added into your custom painting, please email Jahde for a free quote


Please understand that I (Jahde) do not make hyper realism paintings and my paintings of landscapes will be painted in the abstract/surrelastic styles you see above.  :) Thank you <3