Custom Instrument Portraits

Custom Instrument Portraits

Order your custom instrument portrait today!

*Pick your size

*Next, email ( with your instrument photo attached as a jpeg and your name (please include any details or custom requests)

*please allow 1-3 months for completion and delivery. If you need your painting sooner than this please email Jahde to check availability.


Size         Price

8"X10"      $148   (1-2 subjects/instruments) 

11"X14"     $210  (1-2 subjects/instruments)  

16"X20"    $350  (1-2 subjects/instruments)

18"X24"    $430  (1-2 subjects/instruments)

30"X40"    $790  (1-2 subjects/instruments) (for additional subjects= $120 per subject added)

For "custom sizes" or "additional number of subjects in your painting" not listed above please email  to get your free quote!