Custom Figurative Portraits

Custom Figurative Portraits

Size         Price

8"X10"      $148   (1-2 subjects/portraits) 

11"X14"     $210   (1-2 subjects/portraits)

16"X20"    $350  (1-2 subjects/portraits)

18"X24"    $430  (1-2 subjects/portraits)

30"X40"    $790  (1-2 subjects/portraits)


**(for additional portraits= $120 per portrait added)

**(for high level of detail in background = email for quote

Please email Jahde with your ideas, details and pictures to use as reference photos for your custom painting.


For "custom sizes" or "additional number of portraits in your painting" not listed above please email Jahde to get your free quote!


Please understand that I (Jahde) do not make hyper realism portrait paintings and my paintings of portraits will be painted in the surrelastic or abstract styles you see above. Please specify if you want more of a silloutted, abstract or surrealsitic painting style in your email about your customized details. :) Thank you <3