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Art To Raise Awareness

Art to Raise Awareness is a series of artworks created to address local and worldwide issues. These artworks provide inspiring imagery that encourages healthy choices and a united effort to bring love and kindness into our daily thoughts, conversations and actions.

"SOS"                                          Mixed Media

 by Jahde Justad         

"SOS"       -Jahde Justad

"Save our Seas was created to inspire others to stop using single use plastic and to start forming healthy mindful habits that encourage a clean and green environment. We are the consumer. We can put these plastics in the ocean but we can also take them out, and stop them from entering in the first place. We all can be part of the solution! Some things we all can do to help: Refuse single use plastics, bring your own bags to shop, recycle responsibly and mindfully. Save our seas! Save our planet! Save each other! You can raise Awareness and do your part to be as Eco friendly as you can. Every little bit helps!" -JDJ

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"I love to make art. My intentions and energy are focused around love and inspiring a positive and healthy mindset. I hope to bring joy to someone's day with my art and to inspire others to believe in their magic and light. Art is healing and healing is an art."


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