Artist note to self: Love Strong, Be Brave, Enjoy the Journey, Be Happy and Make art. <3



Jahde Justad is an active artist, business owner, curator, art teacher and participating gallery artist in Exhibits around the United States.

She is currently working on a new series called "Art To Raise Awareness" as well as ongoing custom commission artworks.

Jahde's art has shown all over North Carolina throughout music venues, restaurants, coffee shops, art galleries, Theaters and music festivals.


Her primary goal in art is to heal, express, and illustrate beauty in various forms. Her paintings tell stories, show beautiful creatures, and illustrate a magical representation of the peace, balance, and love she consciously invites into her life and earth. Her paintings are colorful and have mystical, whimsical magic to them. She frequently uses her environment, emotions, goals, and dreams as an inspiration. 


Many of Jahde's paintings are created in public at concerts and events, in her home studio and live-streamed on Facebook and Instagram. She loves to paint live to share the experience of creation with others. When she is painting live she feels as if she is combining the energies of herself with the music, people, and nature surrounding her and then translating that into the artwork. This makes each painting so unique and special. 


Jahde works with acrylic paint, watercolor paint, digital painting and other mixed media. She likes to paint on canvas, body paint, paint murals, sew, write, dance, sing and draw. 

Jahde's artwork reflects her magical outlook on the world, highlighting the beauty and creation she finds to be intriguing and inspiring.

Jahde enjoys collaborating with others to create.

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